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Ice rolling stimulates the lymphatic system to detoxify ridding the skin of unwanted puffiness and harmful toxins while also stimulating blood flow and enhancing collagen production! What is unique with AMANI XO's ICE FACIAL ROLLER is the opportunity to boost these benefits by creating your own custom essence! Popular customizations include green tea, coconut milk, cucumber water, and rose water for enhanced detoxifying and skin brightening benefits on top of the instant icing effect on the skin! 

Also an important note, AMANI's ICE ROLLER CONTOUR MOLD is made of high quality non-toxic silicone material which is reusable and durable unlike traditional ice rollers that harbor bacteria.

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Additional cryotherapy benefits:

■ Improve serum absorption
■ Tighten pores
■ Eliminate eye puffiness
■ Reduce inflammation
■ Decrease sebum production (acne)
■ Promote blood circulation